Key Stats

  • 7 videos
  • 30,000 words
  • 2,500 photos

Like any other 10 year old out there, the Dirt100 for 2018 was a demanding one: Rob Warner was drafted in to yell random French phrases at the top of his voice, and spit milk out at the camera, and the high-end close up shots of every item in the list were captured in our studio here in Tun Yard.

There were also a few new twists to the popular running series for this year. The Dirt100 2018 was the first to not feature clothing. This time round it was all about the kit that works well, not following the trends.

In our never ending pursuit to glamorise the beautiful perspectives and angles of bikes and their components that can only ever be truly seen through the gaze of bicycle lovers, we went for a ‘smoke and mirrors’ theme for the shoot. An inch deep puddle was created in our studio while our humble little building was battered mercilessly by the wind and snows from the Beast from the East. Due to having to keep the doors open to allow smoke to escape, photographer Mike Brindley was wearing his winter wetsuit and had to spend most of his time submerged in the freezing cold water. He loved it, honestly...

Various staff members from Factory were drafted in to do a bit of ‘splashing’ (because those splash-effects don’t just create themselves, do they?), using wooden spoons, a floor brush, and other utensils on hand.

The whole setup for the photoshoot certainly turned a few heads in the office and got a few comments, but the most cutting was definitely “Have I just walked into a weird fetish club?”

On location, the crew stayed in one of the quirkiest Airbnb’s we’ve ever seen! The church, with pews, stained glass and alter still intact, was featured in the Pivot Shuttle video, where Rob stood in the pulpit and demanded ‘Let there be… ELECTRICITY!’

30,000 words, 2,500 photos and 7 videos later… Scorchio!