From its humble beginnings back in 2003, podcasting has become an unstoppable force and it doesn’t look like it’s likely to slow down any time soon. According to Rajar’s research in autumn 2015, 3.7 million adults listen to podcasts in the UK, which equates to around 6.5% of the adult population; most listening is while commuting (42%) or relaxing (34%.)

Even though action sports are most often enjoyed visually, Factory Media now offers an audio experience as well. Surf Europe’s podcast is three episodes in and is now also available to download on iTunes.

The show offers a light-hearted, heavily opinionated look around the surf world hosted by Paul Evans (Surf Europe’s Editor in Chief, read more about Paul from Staff in Spotlightand Ben Mondy [a former World Surf League commentator (banned) and former Surf Europe online Editor (sacked) – as described by Paul.]

Paul Evans explains: "The Surf Europe Podcast came about mainly because both Ben and I love podcasts, love surfing, but most of all love the sound of our own voices. Seeing as our YouTube show went bust, and Ben was banned from working on WSL events as a commentator by decree of some of the world's top pro surfers, we thought, "If nobody else will put us on air, we'll do it our damn selves!"

Next time you’re on the tube and wish you were getting tubed, find the newest episode of Surf Europe’s Podcast here and find the rest in iTunes here