A Slice of British Pie is a short feature film by filmmaker Tom Caldwell and Dirt Magazine that combines the lunacy of some of the world’s biggest mountain bikers and the need to focus on raw riding rather than cinematic scenery. The film will be released online on dirtmountainbike.com, on the 15th April


The film is a production that speaks to the core audience, the very people that are out there week in, week out, in all conditions, purely for the love of it. Tom Caldwell documents world class riders such as Josh Bryceland, Brendan Fairclough, Danny Hart and Phil Atwill and their escapades through the winter of 2015.


Ben Winder

It doesn't offer slow-motion sections of landscapes in exotic places. It offers real, raw, fun footage that captures the essence of what riding in the UK is about.

"A Slice of British Pie was born out of my want to film the lunacy of some of the world’s biggest and best mountain bikers and the want to create a raw, rad, and old school feature film that gets away from cinematics, professionalism and heaps of slo-mo, giving a vibe similar to the style of holy grail MTB films such as “Earthed" and “Sprung." This was something that I felt the MTB industry needed, a reminder of how cool things used to be, a stern boot up the backside to the slo-mo abusers and a prod in the eye to huge budgets and fancy cameras" – explains the filmmaker.


He adds: “I felt pretty lucky to be able to combine the likes of Josh Bryceland and Phil Atwill into one film segment, something that hadn't been done before. I also felt very lucky to be the one to make the first feature film for Dirt Magazine in a lengthy period in which quick, short web videos had seemed to take over the web."


Olly Wilkins, a rider who featured in the film comments: "The aim of this movie was to encapsulate what riding in the UK is about. Couldn't have picked a better day to film our segment for that very reason. Rainy, cold, grey and miserable! Only bikes, ruts and the lads can turn that depressing list into a rad day!"


Another rider Liam Moynihan adds: "We had a hell of a couple of days filming up here in Fort William, the boys were all on form and not shy to go all in to get the shots captured! Always a pleasure and hopefully it's as much fun for everyone to watch as it was for us riding!"

“A Slice of British Pie" had three exclusive screenings in Bristol, Sheffield and Glentress in March and will be released on Dirtmountainbike.com on the 15th April.

Slice of Pie Prem 2

The aim of the film is to make mountain bikers want to grab their bike, camera and best mates and head out for some old-school mountain bike fun. The ingredients are simple, and the end result is A Slice of British Pie.