Sporting goods giant, Decathlon has partnered with Mpora, the multi-sport digital content publishing channel, to produce a series of  YouTube ‘How to’ videos aimed at beginner mountain bikers.

Shot in Factory Media’s London studio, and on location in the Surrey Hills, the Decathlon-branded videos provide clear, easy-to-follow advice for beginners and feature Decathlon’s excellent B-twin bikes and kit. The initial four pilots tackle ‘how to buy your first mountain bike’, ‘how to clean your mountain bike’how to dress for mountain biking’ and ‘why mountain bike wheel size matters’.

Stuart Kenny, Mpora bike channel editor said: “With these videos we hope to encourage people to take up our sports by providing clear, helpful kit advice to newcomers."

As well as being used on Decathlon’s own websites, each video is also embedded on a matching article on, targeting people searching for information on Google. This approach allows Decathlon to support existing customers, while also engaging a hugely important group of potential new customers through organic search.

Mpora covers many different outdoor sports from mountain biking to kayaking for people of all abilities, making it the perfect partner for Decathlon whose “Sports for All" slogan perfectly sums up the French retailer’s positioning.

Commenting on the partnership, Mpora publisher Ed Marriage, said: “Decathlon and MpoRa share many of the same aims and values when it comes to encouraging participation in sports and there are lots of opportunities for us to work together".