Here at Factory Media it’s all about our audience. A hit TV show isn’t a hit TV show if it didn’t have a crowd of die-hard fans following it. A box office smashing Broadway play isn’t a box office smashing Broadway play if it didn’t have a 200+ standing encore at the end. You can create the best web and print content that’s ever been created, but without hitting and resounding with the right audiences, projects can struggle to get off the ground.

Knowing exactly who our audience is is key, and every day our inspiring content converts more and more people into likers and followers, stirring their passions and igniting their interests. We know what they like to watch, how they like to read their favourite articles, and where they find their content.

Tapping into the mindset of our audience demographics allows us to create content that resonates. We can take an uninspiring backpack, gear set, or pair of shoes and immediately make them cool.

So who do we cater for?


Electric Youth

16-24 year olds

Kids these days. They always know what’s happening, where it’s happening, who, what, how… and they’ve probably got an app for it too. Socially tuned in, the Electric Youth are snapped up by exciting, involving, multi-platform engaging campaigns that see reward and anticipation for the work they put in. They live on social media, Instagram and Snapchat- Googling it? Not their thing. 

The Electric Youth mostly rely on the Bank of Mum and Dad but whatever disposable income they have, you bet it’s spent on the next coolest thing or the trendiest event in town.

Three Mobile


Active Man

25-34 year old men

Weddings, promotions, engagements, weekends at the pub… everything can have its toll on the Active Man who just wants to get away from it all for a week (or forever, maybe). A serious case of wanderlust and escapism, he can’t stop thinking about snowboarding in Japan, cycling through Spain, mountain biking on a remote island off the coast of Portugal… or even just 48 hours spent hiking in Wales. The Active Man is always yearning to grab his mates, jump on a plane and get away from the city and dive head first into his next adventure. 

He’s grown up with the internet and has a wealth of web-savvy knowledge to aid his search in what he wants, stretching far beyond simply ‘Googling’ it: he gets his content fix from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. 

The Active Man has a reasonable sized wallet, funded by a mid-level career. He’s educated to a University level, and likes to splash his cash on travel adventures, sporting pursuits, and all the branded gadgets to accompany it.

Jeep - Ultimate Renegades - Atherton
Mike Brindley filming Jamie Baker


Freestyle Female 

Freestyle Female

18-34 year old women 

She’s eco-conscious. She’s fighting fit. She’s drunk on life. Yep, you bet she’s taking photos of her delicious vegan brunch at the newest hotspot in town right now. She’s fun loving and packed full of endorphins left over from the weekend of laughter and good vibes.

In her endeavour to live life to the full, you won’t catch the Freestyle Female absent-mindedly scrolling through social media when she could be outside living her best life. She pledges allegiance to trustworthy brands, publications and titles, and she can be swung by seeing things demonstrated by someone she can relate to on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Her purchases are carefully thought out, backed with research and often returning to the same brands time and time again. It takes a community and a firm nod from her peers and favourite influencers to convince the Freestyle Female to branch out and sample new brands. 

Keen - #TrailFit 2017
Total Women's Cycling
Total Women's Cycling 2


Kit Rich Dad

35-55 year old men

He’s Mr Gadget. Mr Savvy. Mr Knowledgeable. Mr Bike-Fixer. Mr Jacket Repairer. Mr Off-Road Driver. Mr Bruised-Knee Rubber. Mr Lunch Maker. Master of making the school run 8x more adventurous than it needs to be, the Kit Rich Dad gets the whole family off their backsides and outside at the weekend, leaving the realm of WiFi far behind. Or if the gang aren’t joining him, he’s cycling 30 miles and enjoying the peace and quiet in the solitude. Life is too short, he says, get on your bike every damn day. The Kit Rich Dad is pretty set in his ways- Google is still the answer to most of his questions, and his YouTube subscriptions still see him up to date on the latest relevant videos.

The Kit Rich Dad sits back on a comfortable salary with enough cash to fuel his personal hobbies and interests. And he wastes no time in doing so! 

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Jeep - Ultimate Renegades