Total Women’s Cycling – the largest women’s specific cycling network in the world, put together a micro site showcasing twenty of their favourite brands: TWC Champions

Women’s cycling scene is [becoming] increasingly visible and the market is growing fast. There are a handful of brands who have grabbed the opportunity to entice that ballooning market before it really explodes. TWC have pulled out the Top 20, photographing their kit and writing overviews of each and every one."

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, Total Women’s Cycling Editor comments: “The TWC team – myself and staff writer Jess Strange – are so proud of the way the Champions has turned out. Each brand was chosen by us, after consultation with TWC contributors and members of our local female riding communities. We’d have loved to include even more brands, but the final list shows a small and select group creating kit and carrying out extensive research we truly rate. We wanted to pay tribute to the brands who really excel, and I think we’ve done that." She adds:

"We’re chuffed to see TWC gaining support from the industry – it’s not always easy to generate revenue in women’s cycling but we’ve managed it here and we’re thrilled with the result after great work from our sales team."

TWC Champions consist of brands that boast inspiring women within their teams, driving growth from the inside. They are the brands who understand how to speak to women, and produce marketing material that makes us want to collect our riding buddies and head for the hills.
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