The 100's

Dirt and Road Cycling UK present the definitive collection of the one hundred best products in mountain biking and road cycling: Dirt 100 & Road Cycling UK 100 

What used to be two special print editions, are now two extraordinary digital hubs filled with cherry-picked bike technology. While quality bike products aren’t hard to come by, narrowing them down to the finest 100 is a real challenge. The world of bikes is amazing, exciting and sometimes impenetrable in its complexity. There are so many brands and so many different perspectives that sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees! That’s the purpose of The 100, to relieve riders from the trouble of spending hours on the internet or in their local bike shop, deciding which pieces of kit to invest in.


‘’We set out to create something unique, with breath-taking photos and videos that readers will drool over and brands and retailers can use as sales collateral." - Ed Marriage, Factory Media Publishing Director

The 100’s were created using a combination of studio stills photography, branded video content (including graphic overlays) and written word reviews. Both projects are completely bespoke and offer a platform to showcase each product to its fullest.

Capturing the true sense of detail amongst all of the different 100 products for each sport resulted in over 2,000 images. In addition, a six-man production team spent 10 days capturing over 16 hours of video footage for RCUK at the cycling mecca Mount Teide in Tenerife, while the video production for Dirt took place in a remote corner of the UK, in the stunning Snowdonia mountains in Wales.

All of the above content can be seen on the Road Cycling UK and Dirt sites, broken down into the various product families.


‘’It's been a massive project and a lot of work for everyone involved, but seeing the final product has been really gratifying" says RoadCyclingUK Editor, George Scott. “We put our collective heart and soul into making it and we hope that readers everywhere will come away from it feeling enthused about cycling and want to get out and ride."