Hand-picked by Sidewalk's team of experts, the 100 products selected are showcased with detailed photography and select video (shot on various locations in the UK), as well as in-depth product reviews. The product bible is hosted on a micro-site on Sidewalk.

From classic boards right down to novelty blocks of wax, we’ve put the lot under the scrutiny of the Sidewalk microscope.

This very first Sidewalk Skate 100 is aimed at drawing your attention to some of the finest skateboarding product currently available on the market as everyone counts down to the end of the year.

As Sidewalk's Ryan Gray puts it: "It was nigh on impossible to whittle the infinite amount of product that’s out there right now down to a mere 100 items; by some sheer miracle though we’ve managed to do it, and we’ve covered every single aspect of your skateboarding life in the process. Hardware essentials, footwear must haves, up-to-date clothing of all shapes and sizes, even novelty blocks of wax and seasonal accessories such as umbrellas - we’ve left no product based stone unturned."


Aside from the barrage of alluring photos, brand histories and technical specifications that you’ll find awaiting in every article, we’ve also roped in some familiar faces from the UK skate scene to help put the gear through its paces - be sure to watch the videos to see how the likes of Korahn Gayle, Josh Young, Dave Snaddon, Sam Pulley, James Bush and more got on when they undertook the less than desirable job of wear-testing a whole manner of products right out of the box.