In Africa’s waterways, one predator reigns supreme — the Nile crocodile. One of the biggest and most deadly reptiles on Earth, they command a fearsome reputation and strike terror into the hearts of those who share their domain. Countless attacks in which victims are ruthlessly taken from riverbanks or attacked in their canoes leave no doubt that the Nile crocodile views humans as natural prey. In fact, the Nile crocodile was recently reclassified as the number one killer of humans in Africa, overtaking the previous record holder, the hippo.

In 'Diving with Crocodiles' cameraman and crocodile expert Brad Bestelink undertakes the unthinkable and dives deep into the Okavango Delta. Without a cage or any other protection, he gets up close and personal with these fearsome creatures in this groundbreaking film. Such a feat has never been recorded before. But Brad is well prepared — his decision to take the plunge is the result of many years spent studying crocodile behaviour in his native Botswana. His window of opportunity to dive is small and dependent on the seasonal ebb and flow of the Okavango. There are only a couple of weeks each year when the visibility in the delta provide perfect filming conditions.

This extraordinary film provides all the high drama associated with modern-day exploration,coupled with the exhilaration of interacting with wild animals. The underwater secrets of the Nile crocodile are revealed with unique and compelling footage in the pristine underwater environment of the delta.

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