The watch category has seen increased sales at lower price points, with higher/mid-price points suffering as a result. At the same time, premium watch brands (Rolex, Omega) are seeing volume and value growth. Seiko comfortably sits in the middle and therefore asked Factory to raise their profile to compete with other premium watch brands.


The Master of their Craft; Craig Mainprize was a keen mountaineer who was in the middle of climbing the 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents when he suffered and injury meaning that he could no longer continue. After this he discovered diving and quickly became an expert in his field. He started to open dive schools all over the world. Craig now owns and runs a dive centre in Hertfordshire. A master diver and the leading expert in ocean reef full mask. We delved deeper into his expertise in this craft and the importance of time and timekeeping.


We produced a number of premium video content pieces, running alongside 4 written feature editorial pieces highlighting the craft, the nature of the dive and more importantly how the product fits.


Craig Mainprize


Craig Mainprize


Craig Mainprize