When it comes to choosing the right gear for your next camping and outdoors adventure trip, consumers are often overwhelmed by too much choice. A problem that can be easily solved when industry experts chip into the matter with their favourite products. Following the success of the Winter Outdoor 100 of 2016, the Summer Outdoor 100 of 2017 showcases 100 of the best outdoor products on the market; captured with jaw-dropping photography and stunning video footage from the wonderful French Pyrenees mountains.

The products were selected by our then-editor of Outdoors Magic Jon Doran, and editor of Mpora Tristan Kennedy, broken down into categories and showcased as an authoritative source of information on outdoors products. In-depth and informative reviews of each and every item in the 100s were then hosted on Outdoors Magic and Mpora. A further 9 inspiring videos were produced for social media that showcased 9 products in depth, on the go and in their element.


The launch of the Summer Outdoor 100 was met with much excitement and anticipation from the team that took part in their production, and a warm reception from loyal fans on Mpora and Outdoors Magic.

100 reviews were written for 100 different items, each one tailored and planned, not just reviewing the item thorough but telling a story for the brand they represent.

The ‘hubs’ that sat on Outdoors Magic and Mpora were developed, and the design team took inspiration from the natural elements of the shoots:

“We took some rough topography from the area we were filming, in the Peak District, and came up with an aesthetic we felt worked for our micro-site and could potentially run throughout as a common element. We integrated it into our 100 logo and then used it as a hover for each element." -Chris Hayes, Designer at Factory Media.  

On top of this, each and every item was photographed to the highest standard, capturing an emotive angle to these otherwise ordinary products. Weeks of filming in the French Pyrenees resulted in a collection of 9 pristine, premium shot videos that showcased the defining features of the products:










The objective of the videos was to showcase the items and broadcast the name of trustworthy outdoors brands to our audience of 5.6 million, converting them into potential consumers.


The ‘hubs’ have received over 20,000 page views from SEO alone, and the video campaign on Facebook saw a reach of 1,030,000, and a further 390,000 video views- going above and beyond our original KPI by 121%.

We also saw an outstanding engagement percentage for our content on social media- 40% engagement rate proved the strong correlation between our outdoors-loving audience and their absorption of high quality and orientated content.  

It was clear that there is a high demand for quality, well-researched and well written reviews of products on the market, cherry picked by industry experts who know what they’re talking about.

The Outdoors 100 returns again for Winter ‘17-18 in October.

Outdoors 100 SS17

Lowe Alpine Kittersac 30 backpack

Outdoors 100 Helinox Chair One

Outdoors 100 Helinox Chair One