To help raise the profile of the Norco brand, around its two new bike launches. Work with a media partner pairing of Dirt & TWC to find two brand ambassadors for a year, one male, one female .


To come up with a campaign idea to find the right two people through a social hashtag competition. We built a competition element to find the right people who are real mountain bikers, with endurance and passion. All entrants needed to provide video content of themselves riding showcasing the reasons why they would be a great ambassador for Norco. The winners were provided with a Norco bike, tyres, clothing and an action camera. They in return will provide, upload and share video content throughout the year.


The total campaign run over a 7 week duration that started with a 2 week promotional period (via onsite posts and social video), this period gave people time to gather and upload content.

Then for the next 4 weeks we set up an Instagram hashtag #iamnorco for people to submit their clips. Each week had a different theme. Giving people the opportunity to do all 4 or select the parts they wanted to do.

Hucker - Someone who isn't afraid to go big.

Pinner - The full throttle edit.

Ambassador - What good do you bring to MTB? The professional.

Joker - It's all about the FUN.