key Stats

  • 63% VTR for main edit
  • 7,000 social engagements
  • 1 Legacy piece for the Nintendo brand


As a part of a bold youthful UK launch for the new Nintendo Splatoon game, we partnered with the brand to create, conceive and deliver a series of content pieces that were both relevant and accessible to the target audience.


With the brief calling for ‘bold, bright and vibrant’ scenarios, we ended up duplicating the game's graphics and built elements from the game (giant paint rollers) in one of the largest skateparks in Europe, Adrenaline Alley.



With 55 litres of paint and only 36 hours to create this magical illusion, we gave the park a huge Splatoon makeover and invited 4 of the best bowl skateboarders in the UK to come and tear it up. With various pieces of content created, ranging from a time lapse build, to trick of the day on the giant roller, we ended the session with all of the skaters getting Splatooned with paint, all filmed in super slo-mo, that hit huge engagement numbers on our social channels.

The beauty of this campaign was that the legacy of the Nintendo game still lives on, as the Splatoon skate bowl is still heavily used every day, and kids of all ages have the opportunity to fully experience it.