With more cameras in consumers’ hands than ever in the history of photography, how does a brand like Nikon inspire creative minded 18-34 year olds to step up from phone cameras and buy into DSLRs? We were challenged to capitalise on the integral role imagery plays in our sports. We wanted to help Nikon inspire the next generation of photography icons.


At the heart of our sports is self-expression, a relationship with the environment, style and a desire to immerse in the culture; in a good picture a photographer will capture all of this. With 6 edits housed in a bespoke hub full of interviews and images we explored how established Action Sports photographers interact with their subjects and the relationship they have with their Nikon camera. Traveling around the UK, Europe and a trip to Iceland we inspired anyone who has picked up a camera to go out and click.


Stunning video edits and incredible imagery delved behind the lens of 10 iconic action sport photographers to understand the process, passion and inspiration that fuels their vision.  A UGC competition uncovered 5 future icons of photography, offering the opportunity to win a Nikon DSLR and a coveted place on the Nikon Inspiring Icons bootcamp, where their work would be displayed on various Factory Media channels.