We were tasked with bringing awareness and more importantly credibility to the Mountain Dew brand through the eyes of UK skateboarding and its surrounding culture.


By introducing and working with the grassroots of UK skateboarding first, we recognised that it is the skateboard stores that are the lynchpins. They are the building blocks that help piece everything together. The scene would be nowhere without the stores who help build local scenes, support skaters and help break down barriers.

With this in mind we teamed up with our skateboard title, Sidewalk, to create a skate shop focused social initiative and competition. Skate shops from around the country went head to head across the Sidewalk Facebook channel over a 6-week period, with weekly winners advancing through to a 6 store grand final to earn their shop a £4,000 prize.


This project brought together 24 stores from across the entire UK representing the true grass roots of the national skateboard scene in a way that has never been done before and on an unprecedented scale. Each store, handpicked by U.S. pro-skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, was given a week to create unique user-generated content drawn from within their local skate communities to represent their individual scenes. This content was shared and broadcast via the Sidewalk Facebook page, leveraging its loyal and engaged fanbase, amassing a huge gross campaign reach of 21 million people and achieving an impressive 15% engagement level.