• 2.8 Million views (1.3 on Factory sites and social channels)
  • 1 Million unique reach 
  • 30k Social Engagements


We were tasked with bringing the versatility of Microsoft's new premium PC to life and chose to do so by juxtaposing its 360 functionality with jaw-dropping 360's across a range of some of our most dynamic sports: surf, mountain bike, snowboarding & BMX.


Rather than creating content that we expect the audience to search for and find, we focused on what content this audience already seek. 360’s are the pinnacle of our sports. They are visually impressive, credible to the core and downright hard to achieve. Using this insight we positioned Microsoft as the facilitator of great content, by giving the audience a series of some of the best 360's across our sports, that suited as both jaw dropping content and featured the functionality of the product. Tying in the content with the product through a series of infographics we combined simple but effective messaging with a punchy graphic of the Premium PC doing its very own unique 360.


We created one short feature edit combining all of these sports and ‘wow’ moments together, and also separated the footage into teasers to execute across our sport specific sites. With support from editorial articles, social posts of the videos and articles and a significant amount of supporting display media both on and beyond Factory owned channels, we guaranteed 550k views, and are currently exceeding the 1.5million view mark. A brand effectiveness study with pre and post waves will underpin the already strong performance of this simple content led campaign aimed at Generation Y.