With the internet becoming a hive of ‘wow moment’ content, and with more and more ways of creatively capturing content, we worked with EE around the launch of their new Action Camera to highlight the product’s USP in an otherwise crowded market.


With unprecedented access to both talent and film-makers we captured a series of ‘wowEE’ moments across a number of different action sports. From snowboarding in a concrete swimming pool in July, to jumping over your mate while drift-triking through the South Downs, this content resonated with a wider audience as it was snackable, shareable and most of all fun. 


Our impactful social audience base bought into the concept and organically helped share the different videos across our number of social channels and beyond, culminating in just under 1m organic video views across the campaign.

The sports included were:

- Skateboarding
- Snowboarding
- Freerunning
- Drift-Triking