Decathlon, international giants within the sports retail arena, called on Factory to consult on two of their key communication challenges.

In the first instance, they needed to help customers in making better-informed decisions about the types of bikes and cycling kit to purchase for their needs and secondly they wanted to relay the message to a tightly-targeted, engaged audience that their complete range of mountain bikes had upgraded to 27.5" wheels.


We spoke to Decathlon’s active community to discover which bike-related questions they typically needed answering prior to purchase, and cross-referenced their responses with Factory’s own keyword research to produce a definitive list of key topics. Against each topic we then produced a clear and informative article with an accompanying video- of course showcasing a suite of Decathlon products.


To best communicate the switch to 27.5" in wheels, we took a different tack. With wheel size a hot topic in mountain biking, we produced a series of funny and provocative videos, then distributed them to our one million Facebook fans and ‘hijacked’ the conversation across our social media channels to stoke momentum, garner attention and inspire our audience.