How do you get TV, social and digital to all work together? By teaming up with UKTV and Casio G-Shock to create 12 epic moments, featuring world-class athletes, targeted to a mass but engaged audience and sharing them across multiple platforms; that’s how!


The Indestructibles model was unique, using Factory’s strengths in a wealth of key areas and producing content for all digital and TV platforms. By wrapping a £1m production budget, and £1m of digital and social marketing around a great TV format, featuring some of the best Action Sports athletes in the game, and introducing a brand in the form of Casio G-Shock into the fold, with hundreds of native brand opportunities, an ‘everyone wins’ model was created.


Dubbed the ‘new Top Gear’ by The Times and named as Huffington Post’s ‘1 of 12 things to watch this winter’, well-known action-sports-athletes-turned-media-personalities Tim and Gendle (Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle), were dropped into different locations around Britain, where they had to take inspiration from their surroundings and dream up epic stunts that seemed near on impossible.

With an outstanding 12 ‘Pick of the Day’ editorial features from leading newsbrands, and a staggering 7m views and 34m reach, the content created and the brand partnership with Casio G-Shock not only worked for action sports fans but also resonated with a much wider audience.

The Indestructibles was Factory’s first entry into broadcast, but perfectly fits in with our ambition to just produce great content – whether digital, TV, branded or not.