Following on from the raging success of Slice of British PieDirt Magazine was back again to introduce A Bigger Slice of British Pie...

Documenting the creme de la creme of British downhill mountain bikers with a 25-minute no holds barred video edit, packed with banter, outstanding showmanship, riding, and unbridled lunacy that makes British mountain bikers some of the best in the world.

Featuring the likes of Steve Peat, Phil Atwill, Josh Bryceland and Danny Hart, bringing the bikers back to their grassroots trails not only gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills but also have a laugh, celebrate the eccentric culture of the British downhill scene.


Following the structure of Slice of British Pie, Bigger Slice of British Pie planned to take it further, and bigger than ever before.

A full 25 minute long video was expertly captured by Tom Caldwell, followed by 10x 3-minute sections, with social teasers included. Not adhering to only one platform, the campaign stretched across, YouTube, Facebook and turned thousands of heads on Instagram.

With Monster Energy as a key brand sponsor for the campaign, the lineup was revealed for 2017 to hold Steve Peat, Phil Atwill, Danny Hart, Josh Bryceland, Phil Atwill, Joe Smith, Manon Carpenter, Kenta Gallagher, Nico Vink, Rob Warner, and all of those that came down and joined in with the madness.

Baked to perfection, on the 8th April 2017, the Bigger Slice of British Pie trailer dropped… and what happened next is textbook.



We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

A stonking 5 million video views that continues to grow by the day, a further pinch-yourself-this-can’t-be-real reach of 14 million on Facebook (stretching far beyond the 920k page fans), and over 3.35 million minutes watched.

Bigger Slice of British Pie didn’t stay on Facebook alone, creativity the brains behind the campaign saw that for every video that was produced, a shorter 30-second edit was produced alongside it to sit on Instagram, resulting in a further 185,000 video views garnered through this often overlooked platform.

In an age of fleeting attention spans, it was pleasing to see that the 25-minute feature film gathered 237,000 video views, proving that once again great content resonates with the right audiences.