Britain's longest established skateboarding magazine since 1995.

Sidewalk magazine has been documenting the skateboard scene from the inside for over a decade.

Whether it's attending grass roots events, showcasing new and unknown talent or working alongside skateboard teams, Sidewalk will be there. Sidewalk has an unprecedented position within the skateboarding, and as such, acts as the first point of contact for skaters interested in the scene, regardless of their age or location. Sidewalk is run by skateboarders for skateboarders; plain and simple.


    • In May we celebrated the 200th issue, featuring interviews with 25 of the most influential skaters to be featured on Sidewalk's cover.
    • At its inception back in 1995, the title has changed from the original 'The Sidewalk Surfer' to 'Sidewalk Surfer' in 1998 before finally settling on the current title of 'Sidewalk' in 2000.
    • Sidewalk has released two full length video productions over the years - the first 'In Motion' on VHS in 2004, followed by the more recent DVD offering 'In Progress' in 2011.



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  • Small_ben-powell
    Ben Powell
    Editorial Director
  • Small_andrew-horsley
    Andrew Horsley
    Art Director
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    Ryan Gray
    Online Editor
  • Small_chris-brown
    Chris Brown
    Head of Sales - Board Sports
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    Chris Johnson
    Staff Photographer
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    Faris Hassen
    Sales Executive

“ Skateboarders in the UK read Sidewalk cover to cover: it is devoured by them. Sidewalk is known by everyone in the UK scene and beyond”

Sami Seppala, Dwindle Europe