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Boardseeker was launched in 2002 as a equipment directory but soon transformed to an online windsurfing magazine format to cater for the growing demand for windsurfing news. It has rapidly grown and is now the biggest English speaking windsurfing magazine in the world.

Boardseeker features equipment tests, a large travel section, news, techniques, forum, classifieds, and movie sections.

With it's new design, constant development and premium approach Boardseeker capitalises on it's leading position.


    • The biggest English speaking windsurfing magazine worldwide!
    • Features the strongest and most objective test program in the windsurfing market.
    • Targets a young and international audience with ambitious and in-depth features.


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  • Small_chris-brown
    Chris Brown
    Head of Sales - Board Sports
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    Adrian Jones
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    Amy Carter
    Online Editor
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    Lukasz Zajdowski
    Senior Account Manager

“The classified system on Boardseeker has allowed us to target a broad audience with second hand products. Boardseeker is a platform that we use for constant reference and visit the web on daily basis"