Surf Europe celebrates 100 issues with the 100 greatest surfers of all time.

Saturday, August 10 by Gemma Patel in Company

Surf Europe started before the Millennium when trousers were baggy, when having followers meant you were either the Messiah or paranoid and when videos were plastic boxes you queued up to rent in Blockbuster from a man in a short sleeve shirt and tie.

The magazine thought to champion the cause of the Atlantic’s eastern fringe surf rider, the European. Of he or she who surfed under the shadow of medieval fortifications, who drove narrow streets and had trouble parking. America and Australia were great, of course, but we were Europe. We drove compact cars. We had confusing currencies, ancient tongues and arcane grudges. Europe!

And now, Issue 100, The Hundred Greatest Surfers of all Time. Great meaning very big, great meaning very good. There are 7 women in our list of 100. 1 father son combo. 2 twins, 2 brothers, 2 Brazilians. 1 Bahai convertee, 1 former Hare Krishna, 1 transexual, 2 surfers who lost eyes to leash accidents.

It was meant as an entertaining, engaging, maybe even informative read between surfs. Which is something we’ve been thanked for/asked for a closer approximation of to varying degrees over the past 100 issues.

Here’s to a few more.

Surf Europe 100 is on sale 23rd July, available at WH Smiths, Easons, selected Martin McColls and all good newsagents.