Our culture is at the forefront of what is humanly possible, pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity on a daily basis.

As a leading specialist in lifestyle sports and their cultures, we have over 32 years of heritage and experience in this world.

We conceive, create and deliver bespoke branded content and campaigns, distributed through our in-house networks, owned and operated channels, social audiences and client platforms.

Providing access and insight into the culture of lifestyle sports, our content is directed at an influential audience of over 350 million global sports fans every month.

Press Release

The Indestructibles

Factory Media teams up with UKTV and Casio G-SHOCK on The Indestructibles.

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Case Study

Oakley - One Obsession

Oakley challenges consumers to live their lives through their obessions and asks "How do you #LIVEYOURS"

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Case Study

Microsoft - 360

Microsoft promotes their 360 laptop functionality through innovative use of action sports.

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Case Study

Mountain Dew - Store Wars

Mountain Dew relaunches in the UK through core skateboarding activation.

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What We Do



Talented producers that work across commercial digital and broadcast campaigns.

Experienced and immersive journalists that publish 19 channels and to an extensive social audience reach of 300+ Million; driving, testing and achieving high levels of engagement.


A team of creative directors working across concepts for Outdoor, Adventure, Action Sports and Lifestyle to develop TV & digital creative solutions to agencies, brands direct and networks.

20 in-house commercial staff to give any client a 360 solution to achieve their brand and reach objectives

50 journalists giving access to current and topical stories from around the world

Finance/ distribution

Investment in rights through production advances, co-production, out-right investment and deferred financing (production and social reach).

Buying and selling rights for B2C as well as classic B2B businesses.

Digital (including social) distribution of a brand’s content, with extensive KPI and audience intelligence tracking.


20-in house commercial staff entrenched in British and German speaking markets.

Sponsorship, campaign, TV airtime and digital display sales services

Representation of 3rd party undersold ad inventory in Outdoor, Adventure, Action Sports and Lifestyle markets

Sales of both short & long form content.

A Global Audience


At the Core

Our audience are passionate participants who live and breathe the sports and lifestyle. They are an influential and active group to connect with.

Mass Appeal

We reach a huge audience of fans who love the visual spectacle, amazing stories and association with our world.

Unique and custom content

Our creative and editorial teams work alongside brands to produce bespoke, engaging content distributed and targeted through our owned and operated networks and social platforms.

Advanced Targeting

Amped Lite

Overlaying our rich audience data with third party data sets, Factory extends targeting with scale to a wider audience.


Combining a co-branded advertising message with our content to provide a compelling digital experience and target at greater scale across the web.

Our Total Audience

361 Million

Web Visitors

6.8 Million

Social Reach

354 Million

A Global Audience


London and German Offices